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Well, the vibe over here is positively electric. The excitement, the passion, the energy that goes into celebrating Super Sunday is legendary in itself. Some of us have actually headed out to the game, and many more of us gather with friends and family in homes or pubs to watch in anticipation of the opening kick off.

As excited as I am about this day, a part of me can’t help but wonder, what if we infused the more mundane aspects of our lives with such passion? You know, getting laundry done, getting the kids to school/activities, cooking meal after meal, etc.? To bring enthusiasm to a pile of dirty socks, you ask?

Well, that is the challenge. I personally hate doing laundry. For me, it would require breaking the habit (samskara, in yoga-speak) of believing I’m a person who “hates” laundry. From there, what if instead of my typical “ugh” which is usually followed by zoning-out into auto-pilot land, I approached the laundry with a little more mindfulness? If I could embrace these two changes, I wonder if I could then see me and the laundry differently, and yes, actually bring joy to this and other routine, and repetitive, and seemingly endless, tasks.

So, you know I’ve got to ask: If we can bring enthusiasm to the mundane, can we take this healing energy a step further and bring it to the downright difficult challenges of our lives?

I’m talking here about the close to the bone sticky stuff—the uncomfortable conversations, the relationships born more from obligation than from connection, the oh-no-I-don’t-want-(fill in the blank)-in-my-life-right-now stuff. Would bringing an open stance of connection ultimately lead us to greater happiness and fulfillment, even in the midst of  life’s challenges?

Perhaps the truly meaningful “Big Game”, the game to get most enthralled about, the game where we really can’t lose, is inviting this passion, this energy and excitement to the game of our day-to-day existence.

Either way, Go Pats!

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