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Where’s Your Sweet Spot?

“I have so much time on my hands now. I’m actually looking for ways to fill my days”. My dear neighbor, whose children are now grown and in college, mentioned this to me over the weekend. He continued, “The house is so quiet now”.

A ton of bricks falling from the sky wouldn’t have made a larger impact on me in that moment. Though I’ve heard it before from many others (“enjoy them while you can”, “they’re only little for a short time” etc.), somehow, my neighbor’s commentary on the current forms of his life shifted something deeply in me.

I began to notice how I have been taking the simple and non-momentous moments for granted. Usually, we are so busy getting from one place another, or putting out some fire or other, that we don’t pay attention to the little moments of sweetness in our lives. Those moments that could easily go unnoticed in our otherwise busy lives and no one would get hurt.

Or, we over-emphasize the milestones-birthdays, graduations, etc.-but overlook the smaller moments of miracle and celebration that occur many times each day. Do you know what I mean?

So, when we had a simple afternoon of food shopping, and cooking and hanging out this weekend, I consciously noticed just how impermanent and precious these little non-momentous moments are. That within a matter of years, the complexion of my household will change dramatically. Somehow, thinking on the ephemeral-nature of this life released me from the worry of my to-do list, etc. and allowed me to find a real joy and touch ground right in the simple pleasure of sharing time, working together, cooperating, breathing together, with my children and husband.

No phenomenal event or experience, just dropping into the simple, mundane, and ordinary.

Maybe you already do this, but what if we paid better attention to the little moments of sweetness in our lives–and I’m going super-mundane here-like when you switch on a light, and darkness dispels. I’m talking the nurturing feeling of taking a warm shower, the pleasure of putting your feet into a dry pair of boots on a rainy afternoon, the simplicity of laying your head down on a good pillow at night.

These mundane moments could easily blur into the background, but may be the exact diamonds, that when strung together over a day, or a lifetime, can add up to a fulfilled, joyful and brilliant life.

Paying greater attention to these ordinary moments of sweetness, moments that are nothing to “write home (or blog home)” about, may be the turning point where we actually stand a real good chance of increasing the joy in our lives and the joy in the lives of those around us. So, tell me, or more importantly tell yourself (though I love to hear from you!)-where are your sweet spots today?


  1. Dawn, you are someone who i look up to in this regard, and have since i met you. you always seem to take the little things as such grand and exciting adventures. We were at disney last week, and instead of standing in 80 minute lines for rides or to try to meet characters, we let the wind take us where it may. i love that my kids let us do that the whole time and just really appreciated even the tiniest of moments – at one point, we saw a mama duck and her teeny babies huddled together. it was actual nature at play, not planned by disney. i overheard one mom say “let’s not waste time here, we have ducks at home. we need to get a move on”. that really made me appreciate all the more those cute chicks. i think i would have felt like we had wasted the experience if we had rushed around, nose in guide, to try to get EVERYTHING out of disney we possibly could.
    And… a good pillow at the end of the day? i appreciate that EVERY night! so… here is my sweet spot for today: that both my kids are being bathed by my husband right now, and i had time to read your post and think about our past week with such fondness. thanks!

    1. Rachel, thanks for this beautiful expression. I love your application of this at disney and the “let(ting) the wind take us where it may”. There is something so magical (the real magic kindgdom!) in letting it go and dropping into the simple presence. You really captured that here. With gratitude, Dawn

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