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Goodbye 2012. A year fraught with the loss of innocents, with political battles and infighting, with massive storms and economic cliffs and valleys. A year that pulled us out of our self-focus, evoking deep compassion and empathy for our fellow travelers. A year also of pain, of digging our heels into our own positions, of heart-break and confusion. And alongside this, a year of recognizing just how fragile life is, and just how impermanent.

As you read this, the first seeds of 2013 are being planted. Resolutions often feel like straight-jackets to me, so I’m offering up something with more space. Instead of resolutions, why not focus on one dream you feel passionately about? Maybe the dream is screaming at you, maybe its a whisper. Whatever its volume, nurture this dream with your whole body, your entire being, your full essence.

2013 is the year of miracles. Suspend disbelief. Make it happen. With clarity. With love. With gracefulness and gratitude. What if this year, you truly believed in yourself, your vision, your dream?

Now that would be a happy new year.

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