MOSS (Mothers Opposed to Signing up for yet even more Shtuff)

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Ok. I don’t even have to tell you. Because you already know. Perhaps you are a charter member, or even have aspirations to be the next president of MOSS (Mothers Opposed to Signing Up for yet even more Stuff).

How many times have we signed ourselves up for committees or projects, or some volunteer-again-at-the-school effort, when really everything in our body was saying “not again.” Perhaps it happens more than we care to admit. It’s not that we don’t feel appreciated (although that can sometimes be the case). Or even that a part of us doesn’t want to help out.

It’s that a bigger, wiser part of us says, you already have enough on your plate. The part of you that whispers—please, slow down and stop rushing. The noble part of you that knows that prizing what others think about you over prizing your own sanity–well, it’s a trap.

But, the school year is coming to an end we think, so we’ll just push it till we get to the finish line. That’s tempting, especially with summer on the horizon. However, at what cost to our psyches, to our bodies, to our [fill-in-the-blank], during the next week or two?

Because I don’t imagine that our Source energy wished for us to be buried in overresponsibility or overcommitment, I offer you this special invitation to become a member of MOSS. All cabinet positions are now open (don’t worry, no meetings, no additional demands, no parties to organize).

So, next time someone asks you to take on even one more “minor” task, you check in with that wisest part of yourself. Perhaps the answer is a whole-hearted, YES! I’m so glad you asked me! And perhaps the answer has twinges of Oh No or even, umm when is this year finally over? In that case, as the co-founder of MOSS, I encourage you to politely let them know that it is not within the by-laws of our membership to accept another task at this time. ┬áNo explanations, no apologies, no way. Honor the heart of the matter and let the revolution begin!

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