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The whirl of the “machine” is starting up again—the schedules, the lunch bags, the shopping, the squeezing of summer back into her 9-month-straight jacket.

The temptation is to lose ourselves in the rush to get it all done. And without our connection to ourselves, then we are at the mercy of the turbulences and storms that inevitably come up.

What would happen if, before undertaking any activity, you set a personal intention? The intention could be modest or grand, but just make it real. I’m truly amazed at how, when I remember to do it, setting a simple intention can guide my thoughts and actions towards peace and calm for the daily stuff of my life.¬†Sometimes my intention is “center”, sometimes “breathe deeply”, sometimes its more elaborate. No matter what the scale, its simple and it works.

I’ve talked with a few of you who’ve said, if only they could remember to, they know that an intention would help. Maybe each time you look at your car keys, begin to associate it with setting an intention. It takes no time at all, and can create less frenzy and more ease.

More importantly, it is a fairly straight-forward and accessible way to take good care of you. Wishing you the very best.



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