2014: The Year of Mastering the Art of Receiving

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Christmas was a hit this year. It is every year, but something about this year was particularly powerful. On Christmas morning, I watched as each of my children gleefully ripped open presents and beautifully and deeply absorbed each gift.

As a child, I too received with joy. As a grown-up, receiving is more elusive, more freighted. It is more complicated because it evokes feelings of guilt, questions of deservability (I think I just made up that word), issues of reciprocity. On that chaotic morning, a question bubbled up– maybe its easier to give than to receive?

Each of you reading this is remarkably great at giving to others, especially to your children, communities, friends, families. This is undeniable. And its an incredibly awesome and key factor in making the world an amazing place.

But for many of us, to receive–very difficult.

I started wondering, how much more meaningful would each of our lives be if we received more patience from ourselves on a daily basis? If we received our own magnificent nurturing?Or the profound simplicity of listening to ourselves?

As with any art form, it takes slowing down enough to tap into the dance of life energy. It takes a surrendering and opening.

What if the next time someone offers you a gift, a compliment, or even a wonderful experience, you accepted it, acknowledged it, and then basked in the glow of the exchange?

The ironic thing is that when we really receive with an open heart, we are then positioned to give from a place that authentically satisfies our urges for connection and contribution.

Giving and receiving are harmonious dance partners. One without the other, well, it can get clumsy on that dance floor. To recapture the joyful childlike receptivity, let the grace of both in, and please let me know how it is going, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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