In Search of Normalcy

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An early-unexpected snow day and the kids are out of their minds excited, as if they haven’t had school vacation in a year. And though I’ve been craving normalcy and routine, I’m secretly happy that we have one more special day to chill together. But this was not my initial response.

My initial response was annoyance at the weather. I focused on all the things I’m going to miss and must cancel tomorrow.

But then this slow-building but nonetheless warm feeling began to seep in. It was a feeling of being grateful, yes even for the things I don’t want. Grateful for a comfortable and warm home to live in, especially as many are homeless. In awe of these magnificent children that, though sometimes challenge me, mostly bring so much meaning and purpose to my life. Gratitude that my fridge is filled with nutritious food and that my heart is filled with love. Sincerely appreciative of the opportunity to serve and to contribute. And I’m blessed that no matter the weather outside, I can always practice yoga inside.

Committing to gratitude may be the way to thaw this out. Fight what is? That would be a ridiculous waste of energy, a squandering. I’d rather live in a state of peace and gratitude. Not in a polly-anna way, but in a deeply truthful way of being thankful for the genuine gifts in our lives. Embracing what we can’t change, and accompanying it with appreciation, especially the things that weren’t planed in our Google calendar. A little prayer of thanks, one snowball at a time.

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