Do Good Yoga

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What is “good” yoga?

Good yoga is yoga you can count on. Good yoga doesn’t force you to be happy, or super-bendy or ultra-zen. Good yoga allows you the space to feel. Good yoga is honest. Good yoga asks your mind chatter to quiet just long enough for you to enjoy the movement of your own body and energy. It’s a small investment of time that pays you in day-long dividends of feeling freer and lighter and more contented in your own skin.

Good yoga is yoga that reveals what you are grateful for in your life, but may have been too busy to notice. Good yoga isn’t so committed to alignment that it becomes a straight-jacket of perfection. Its yoga that accepts you where you are, and puts you in touch with your gut-wisdom. Good yoga takes the mat-inspired lessons of self-acceptance and kindness and infuses our day-to-day experiences with these very same qualities. Do Good Yoga.

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