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The family and I are planning a trip to Europe, including a jaunt to Paris (I’m a first-timer), so I figured I’d pick up some handy French phrases on Youtube. Among other expressions, I learned that the literal French translation of “I had a good time” is “I amused myself”. Sounds a little funky at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I recognized that this translation is actually yoga.

You and I both know that it’s extremely easy to let the external circumstances dictate whether or not we’re having a good time or feeling fulfilled.

However, the wisdom in the French translation is that the responsibility of the good time and joy rests in our hands. Each of us knows someone who has been through hell and who somehow still has an incredible viewpoint on life. And we may even know someone who “has it all”, yet is sadly discontented and unhappy. It’s not necessarily the external circumstance that predicts how a person feels—it’s their connection to their center, it’s the way they see their situation, that determines this.

Similar to the French expression, yoga believes that the source of our joy and fulfillment is located within us. By clearing out the physical and mental debris, we can mainline our connection to our Divinity, to our highest self, to the Truth. For me, the most efficient way to get to this state is through yoga asana, though there are many other paths (e.g., prayer, meditation, dancing, being in nature, giving to someone in need). Why not pick a path that sings to you and commit to finding more peace there.

We can hassle about the details of our external landscape, or we can cultivate our inner connection. The joy, the good times, the fulfillment? It really is in our hands. If we choose to cultivate inner connection to Source, we have a beautiful opportunity to receive the joy that has been there, waiting for us all the while.
Je me suis bien amuse`.

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