Giving Back.

At Dawn Davis Yoga, we believe in giving back to the community in our own backyard.

During spring of 2020, we donated over $500 to the Second Step, a non-profit helping women and children in domestic violence situations (

We are committed to social justice and democracy. That is why this spring, we donated over $700 to Movement Voter Project and to Campaign Zero. These two organizations help to improve the lives of Americans, by directly shaping nationwide police reform policies as well as efforts to end voter suppression, especially in predominantly Black areas.

Additionally, every year we host fundraisers to help local non-profit organizations. Giving to those nearby allows us to offer support to those that are in our own neighborhood, needs that directly affect our children and the nearby community at large. We think globally, and like the slogan says, act locally.

Sometimes, an issue of national relevance makes its way into our community–as it has this past year, with suicide (American Suicide Prevention) and ALS. In these cases, we work locally to help support state and national efforts.

Over the past 11 years, through the incredible generosity of the Dawn Davis Yoga community, we have raised over $12,000 from donation classes to support the important work of many organizations, including:

ALS foundation of Massachusetts

The Second Step

The Newton Food Pantry

The American Suicide Prevention Organization

Boston Children’s Hospital

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston


As long as a need exists, our efforts to help will persist. We are grateful to have an opportunity and a platform from which to give back. Namaste’. As students of Dawn Davis Yoga, you are welcome to offer your suggestions for the recipient of our annual fundraiser. Please contact Dawn directly at for more information.