Year: 2017

July 7, 2017 Dawn No comments exist

“Don’t postpone joy until you have learned all your lessons. Joy is your lesson”–Allan Cohen.   I personally have hated folding laundry. It feels like a task made for Sisophys–the Greek God who pushed the boulder up the mountainside, only to have it fall back on him time and again. He never reached the top….

February 16, 2017 Dawn No comments exist

Things have been getting intense. We have concerns about our children, our elderly parents, our country. It’s natural to want to push back against the problems, lead with disbelief and anger, or try to avoid the issues altogether. When I think about it, I’m brought back to my 5-year old self, watching Dad excavate our…

February 16, 2017 Dawn No comments exist

As a child in the Middle East, my Dad helped irrigate his family farm with a well in his backyard. So when my little family moved into a suburban New Jersey home in the 1970’s, Dad decided he’d do the same in our new backyard. No permits, no contractors, just Dad and a couple shovels…