This is the first of a three-part installation of Lessons I Learned From Cinderella. Here we go:

First of all, that Fairy Godmother is the bomb. Who couldn’t use a Fairy Godmother to help put things right every now and again? And what can’t escape notice is that she didn’t outsource. She rolled up her sleeves and worked with what was right in front of her. She could’ve easily said, “Let’s hit Bloomies and get you that dress! Transportation? No problem, we’ll order you the white stretch Uber limo, disco ball and all!” Instead, FG took the raw materials that were right under her nose—which as you may recall included lizards and mice, a pumpkin, and a torn up dress. She transformed these basic and somewhat unappealing things into the stuff of magic. FG could’ve looked elsewhere or could’ve gotten herself caught up in what was going on in someone else’s yard. But, she took the stuff that was at her immediate fingertips and worked with it. I guess you could call her the original “repurposer”.

This is such a great message because, I don’t know about you, but I can get easily trapped in the idea that in order to be really happy, I need something else. In this culture, it’s hard not to be conditioned to look elsewhere, usually outside of ourselves, to feel more joy and fulfillment. Ironically, it’s this seeking that can get in the way of enjoying whatever is already present in our lives. Is it easy to make magic with what is right under your nose? Sometimes it is, but sometimes, not so much. It can take a good amount of mental discipline to stay present and work with the raw materials of our lives.

There is nothing to “do” here, it’s just a shift in perspective, a shift where we open our hearts to trust. To trust that all the gifts and blessings are already in whatever and with whomever is in our lives, even if the situation is less than perfect. To trust that you are everything you need, and you have the inner resources to create greater meaning, or greater internal calm, in the midst of any situation.

Lession #1: Work with what is right in front of you, love what is already in your life. Put trust in the fact that Spirit puts us in the best place at the best time. With that faith, we can pick up that magical wand, embrace each moment with an open and passionate heart, and sparkle like a Fairy Godmother ourselves.