Funny thing about resolutions. If we’re not careful, they tell us about what we don’t have, what’s missing, what needs fixing, where we’re falling short.

Wouldn’t it be a priceless if, this year, the resolution was simply to enjoy all the good that is already here? In other words, take the focus off what is lacking, and put it on what is working.

This doesn’t mean don’t set a goal or two. It means shifting the focus from what isn’t working to an appreciation of our ourselves and all that is good in our lives. In many ways, the glass is more than half full, but it’s easy to overlook that fullness as we run around in the mad dash to get things done that often consumes our lives.

So, here are some ideas—

Take a moment or two to notice those things that make us feel vibrant.

Invest in those relationships that nurture and nourish.

Wear those clothes that make us feel happy.

Take a moment to appreciate the things we have in our lives that we often take for granted (from good medicine, to cars, our dogs, our loved ones, a warm pair of boots, organic broccoli, to heating systems, etc.).


What if our resolution for 2015 is to remember as often as we can to be open and present to enjoy what is already here?