THERE’S SNOWPLACE LIKE HOME: If you’re frustrated and exhausted by this winter, you’re not alone. If you’re feeling like your patience is being tested on all sides and you’re irritated with all the schedule changes, cancellations, snow removal, ice dams, roof leaks, home-bound days, you’re not alone. If you’re blown away by how this powerful city can be brought to its knees as all the roads become one-way streets, you’re definitely not alone.
We are so all in this together. Reminding myself of the collective nature of these relentless storms somehow is comforting. Everyone here is dealing with it.
If you are desperately longing for the arrival of the spring thaw, you’re not alone here either. The snow will disappear … eventually. You can count on that. There’s never been a winter that didn’t melt into spring. Before you know it we’ll be witnessing transition to warmer milder weather (and complaining about the mosquitos).
Yet, there truly are beauty and gifts in the midst of this “snow” show, when we stay present enough to bear witness. Like seeing neighbors helping one another muddle through this mess together. Or total strangers letting other cars pass so we all can get through. And the glee on our children’s and the surprise on our dog’s faces as more snow falls magically from the sky. Perhaps we can witness this weather with the intention to consciously find joy and relaxation and it. When we wish for the future, as understandable as that may be, we miss the appointment with life in the present moment.
We will get through this together and when we do, we’ll find we may actually have deepened the well of our internal patience. Or at least strengthened our biceps from all the snow shoveling. If you’ve seen something that warmed your heart in the middle of these last few weeks, an act of kindness, a quiet generosity, something small or something large, would you post it or share it?